Results of research and development that have been ongoing for a very long time need to be packaged in a way that has an impact on the world.

With the advancement of maritime technology becoming increasingly sophisticated and modern, dependence on technology is inevitable.

Every facet of the progress of time serves as a benchmark for the development of civilization.

R&D is the heart of every technological development. The development of technological products doesn’t happen overnight.

Ship loading activity is a connecting point between the land and sea systems. In system science, the connecting area between systems is often a critical area.

The ship and its cargo face various safety risks during voyages. Maritime journeys involve high risks.

Stowage planning is an important activity to be carried out during the loading process on a ship.

Quality is a universal concept. It is a measure of whether a product is good or not.

Indonesian products must have high quality. Therefore, all products with TKDN certificates also exhibit a high level of integrity.

Digitization is the process of converting conventional information into digital form. Records on paper, on walls, or on stone are transformed into digital format.

The Domestic Component Level (TKDN) has become a primary focus in the industrial sector in Indonesia.

The safety of Indonesian maritime navigation deserves more attention. All parties involved in improving maritime safety.

Stowage Planning as one of the media for the crew in doing a safe and comfortable job.

Certification in stowage planning becomes something important.

One of the common often wrong in cargo handling lies in the hasty execution of loading arrangements.

There are many standards that have been recognized worldwide and can be used as a reference in certification stowage planning

Given the openness of the market and the needs of digital products in the industry 4.0 era

Market openness and digital product needs in the industry 4.0 era, where most behaviors and actions are based on artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.

Limited time available for the ship loading and unloading process is often the main cause.

This webinar provides a general view for the public to better understand the factors causing the sinking of ferries in Indonesian waters.

Human error is a general word that describes unintentional human errors beyond their awareness which can cause and become primary contributing factors in disasters and accidents.