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Stability Instrument Milestone

Pioneering excellence in maritime ICT solutions, supporting ship safety. Pranala Digital Transmaritim, is steadfastly committed to delivering top-tier ICT-based solutions tailored specifically for the marine transport industry. With an unwavering dedication to adhering to both national and international maritime industry standards, Pranala Digital Transmaritim has been a beacon of innovation in the sector for over 16 years.

Our extensive journey of 16 years in the field reflects their experience and an unrelenting drive to transform and digitize maritime technology. In this time, we have not only witnessed but actively driven the transformation of the maritime industry into the digital age.

One notable achievement that sets Pranala Digital Transmaritim apart is their certification by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). Being the sole company in Southeast Asia to have received such recognition speaks volumes about their unwavering commitment to excellence and their dedication to upholding international standards in the maritime domain.

Trusted Across the World

We will continue to develop and create software innovations for the advancement of the maritime industry. Pranala Digital Transmaritim efforts are clearly visible through our extensive client base, collaborated with various companies, eduaction institutions and government, which is spread across various countries and has more than 50 satisfied clients. Our expertise and innovative solutions not only improve the efficiency of their clients’ businesses but also make a significant contribution to ship safety and modernization in the maritime industry.

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