Is Stowage planning really beneficial for shipping?

           Stowage Planning as one of the media for the crew in doing a safe and comfortable job. In the world of shipping the level of safety of goods (cargo) becomes one of the objects focused in handling it, in addition to the safety of the crew of the ship of course. Therefore in the world of shipping is highly recommended to use stowage planning. Stowage planning provides significant benefits including improving shipping safety standards, more efficient loading and unloading of cargo, more concise and effective administrative processes, and various other benefits that can be felt in using stowage planning.
           The benefits of stowage planning will certainly be directly felt by users, it has become barnag of course if stowage planning is needed in the world of shipping. Stowage planning software itself has a variety of brands and various types, but stowage planning that is guaranteed quality in the world of shipping is stowage planning that has been certified by the authorities. Why should Stowage Planning Software be Certified? Who is authorized to perform the certification?. We’ll discuss that next time.