TKDN Products Must Be of High Quality. Why?

“Indonesian products must have high quality. Therefore, all products with TKDN certificates also exhibit a high level of integrity. These products are trusted by the community, and the public has a high perception of the quality of domestic products. It’s time for us to no longer promote domestic products with phrases like: ‘Use products from our Nation. Even though there may be slight shortcomings.‘”

“The use of domestic products remains a topic that needs to be socialized. Abundant natural resources and rich biodiversity make Indonesia have great potential if managed wisely and sustainably. One requirement is processing and industrialization domestically to achieve maximum added value for national interests. This will create jobs, increase exports, generate foreign exchange, boost state revenue, and accelerate economic growth. This statement was made by the President of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo, in the state of speech on August 16, 2022. Additionally, the President always emphasizes the obligation of the state budget, regional budgets, and state-owned enterprises to purchase domestic products.”

“On another occasion, when opening the Kementerian Perdagangan (Ministry of Trade’s) meeting in 2021, President Joko Widodo stated that the target expenditure on domestic products and SMEs in 2022 is Rp 400 trillion. According to BPS simulations on February 18, 2022, a Rp 400 trillion import substitution could increase economic growth by 1.71%.”

“Based on data from the Kementerian Perindustrian (Ministry of Industry), there are currently 25,198 valid TKDN certificates out of a total of 36,887 issued certificates. As of May 23, 2023, there are 24,764 domestic products with TKDN values above 40%. This indicates that 67% of domestic products already meet the recommended TKDN value standards for use in industries in Indonesia.”

“Therefore, we must adhere to the guideline that Indonesian products must have high quality. Thus, products with TKDN certificates will gain more trust, be widely used, and continue to be developed. TKDN certification becomes a source of pride.”