R&D Is the Heart of Technology Products

R&D is the heart of every technological development. The development of technological products doesn’t happen overnight. This product is developed through stages of basic research, applied research, and commercialization, becoming a reliable and tested product. The same applies to the description of iStowExtensive research has led iStow to be used in fleets sailing worldwide. iStow is also nationally and internationally certified. This certification ensures the maritime industry has certainty about the high quality of iStow.

Technological progress requires continuous refinement. Software becomes more streamlined according to industry needs to digitize their business processes. Digitization can enhance efficiency and improve maritime safety.

The latest version of iStow will be launched soon. A more user-friendly GUI design, higher processing speed and calculations, and several new features mark this version. This is a manifestation of the ongoing research implementation in iStow development.

Honor to loyal iStow users: You can update your existing iStow to this latest version for free.

With continuous improvements, users are always served with a quality product.

Get ready for the latest version of iStow!

Proses training untuk penggunaan aplikasi iStow

Process of training for using the iStow application (2022). Photo: Pranala Digital Transmaritim

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