Why is Stowage Plan Often Done in a Hurry?

Limited time available for the ship loading and unloading process is often the main cause, and often gives the impression that this process is carried out in a hurry. In fact, the load structuring factor is a crucial stage that requires extra and careful attention. A hasty load planning process can pose serious risks if it is not balanced with careful and thorough examination of many factors and calculation variables. This is because improper cargo planning can have an impact on the safety of the overall condition of the ship during the voyage.

In this context, cargo planning requires a ship crew that has a high level of precision and accuracy. This process must be carried out carefully, paying attention to every detail, and still paying attention to the time aspect in order to produce fast, precise and accurate decisions. Mistakes in cargo planning can not only endanger the safety of the ship and its crew, but can also harm the shipping company’s operations and finances. By understanding the importance of careful cargo planning, a ship’s crew can ensure that the ship sails in optimal conditions. Therefore, a balanced approach is needed between time efficiency and accuracy, as well as good loading software instruments in each stage of load planning. Ship crews who are able to overcome time constraints while maintaining a level of accuracy will be able to improve shipping safety and optimize the operational performance of their ships.