Modern Solutions for Maritime Industry

Fastload for LCT ship

Fastload for LCT Ship. Photo: Pranala Digital Transmaritim

With the advancement of maritime technology becoming increasingly sophisticated and modern, dependence on technology is inevitable. The conveniences offered by technology are more apparent due to its beneficial impact on the maritime industry.

Looking back, the current maritime technology, both in the form of hardware and software, is the result of extensive research and development based on years of experience. Navigation and mapping technology, fleet logistics management, weather and sea condition predictions, cyber security, and the latest developments like big data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) are the outcomes of research and development that can now be implemented in software based on Maritim Digital Interface (MDI).

Before the advent of advanced technology like today, processes in the maritime industry were based on manual methods and simpler mechanical technology. With the introduction of software and digital technology, many aspects of the industry have undergone revolutionary changes. Modern software helps improve efficiency, safety, and operational management of ships, enabling faster and integrated communication between ships, ports, and relevant institutions. Maritime traffic monitoring has become more sophisticated with automatic tracking systems, and more accurate weather predictions help reduce operational risks at sea.

iStow as Part of Technological Advancements

iStow contributes to enhancing efficiency, safety, and operational management. It provides a solution for cargo planning and handling on ships. iStow is the result of extensive research and development over an extended period.

The solution provided by iStow is a modern one, attracting global attention as software for cargo planning and stowage on ships. It addresses the current and future needs of the maritime industry. Manual processes, considered to have low integrity and time-consuming, are replaced by iStow.

How does iStow present itself as a solution for today’s needs?

Has iStow proven its ability to provide solutions?