How to Minimize Human Errors?

Human error is a general word that describes unintentional human errors beyond their awareness which can cause and become primary contributing factors in disasters and accidents. In shipping, loading settings often become chaotic due to the rushed process. Limited ship berthing time, coupled with the hasty loading and unloading process, causes cargo planning to be carried out in a hurry. However, cargo arrangement is an important process that requires careful attention for the safety of the ship and the crew on duty.

Hasty cargo planning can pose quite a big danger, especially if it is not balanced with a thorough inspection. Improper cargo planning can have a negative impact on the condition of the ship during its voyage. Therefore, proper and accurate ship cargo planning is very important.

To achieve this, ship crews must ensure a high level of accuracy and precision in their work. Careful planning is essential, but it must also be efficient to meet time constraints while maintaining fast, precise, and accurate results.

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