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  • Is loading software the same as stowage planning software ?
  • Yes it same

  • How to calculate intact stability?
  • The calculation of Intact Stability refers to the rules and formulas that have been made by the IACS (International Association of Classification Society), namely the IACS Rules L5.

  • How to calculate bending moments & shear forces?
  • Calculation of Bending moments & shear forces refers to the rules of the Bureau of Classification

  • Are shipping operation safety criteria established internationally? If so, by whom?
  • Shipping safety criteria set and regulated by IMO (International Maritime Organization)

  • What are the IMO safety criteria?
  • IMO safety criteria include:

    Mandatory regulations regarding ship stability for all types of ships or specific ones. (IMO’s intact stability guideline A.749)

    Regulations regarding the calculation of stability due to weather influences. (IMO’s Weather criterion guidelines A.749, Chapter 3.2)

    Regulation on ship stability due to leaks (MARPOL 73/78, Reg. 28)

  • Who guarantees the results of ship stability and strength calculations in stowage planning?
  • Guaranteed by the Classification Bureau according to the class of ship.

  • What are the benefits of using stowage planning software?
  • Low Error Rate

    The accuracy of ship stability calculations is high

    There will be no financial loss caused by miscalculation/human error.

    • More effective, faster and safer

  • What are the advantages of iStow compared to other products for shipping in Indonesia, ASEAN and World?
  • more affordable cost
    24 hour customer service

    • Class certification assistance related to iStow

    • Technicians who always stand by for 24 hours.

    • Lifetime warranty

  • Is it true that stowage planning software improves shipping safety?
  • Using stowage planning software can improve shipping safety, because most accidents are caused by humans and improper loading of ships.

  • What ships are required by IMO to use loading software? When?
  • Starting January 1, 2016, all cargo, oil, chemical and gas tankers are required to install stowage planning software. Other types of ships immediately put into effect gradually.

  • Are Indonesian ships obliged to comply with the IMO regulations?
  • IMO requires that ships must be equipped with loading software or stowage planning software, including Indonesian ships.

  • What are the consequences if ships do not use loading software?
  • The risk of the accuracy of the calculation of ship stability and longitudinal strength is low which causes a high level of accident risk
    Clearance in-out at international ports requiring loading of software will be difficult.

    • Financial losses due to delays, cargo damage, and accidents.