The Journey of iStow Yesterday and Today, What About Tomorrow?

Results of research and development that have been ongoing for a very long time need to be packaged in a way that has an impact on the world. Based on the experience of experts, the need to improve maritime safety is very high. All parties involved in improving safety are responsible for creating solutions to enhance global maritime safety, and iStow is the solution in question. iStow exists because it has undergone a very long research journey.

Journey of iStow

Research began in 2001, with the development of basic research conducted in collaboration with TU Berlin-TU Hamburg and the software company Mueller+Blanck. The Case-based Stowage Planning System method was registered at the German Patent Office (Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt/DPMA) in 2004 and the European Patent Office in 2005. Applied research was then conducted in 2007-2008, realizing the iStow prototype for container ships operated by a shipping company in Jakarta.

The use of stowage planning software then became a necessity in maritime education, following the implementation of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations on Standard Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW) – Manila Amendments in 2005. The Cargo Handling Simulator software for maritime education, iStow CHS, was developed and implemented at Politeknik Maritim Indonesia (Polimarin), Semarang, from 2009 until now, and at the Akademi Pelayaran Niaga (AKPELNI), Semarang, from 2022 until now.

Deutsche Patent- und Markenamt, Berlin (2004)

Deutsche Patent- und Markenamt, Berlin (2004)

iStow in the Industrial World

The years 2017-2018 marked the initial phase where iStow production fully entered the industrial world. An iStow production ecosystem has been established. Production elements, marketing & sales, users, regulations, certifications/classification bureaus, and supply chains have interacted and shown positive commercial performance. At this stage, iStow production is ready to become a more mature industry. In line with iStow development in the industrial world, iStow is required to meet all industry needs related to cargo planning and stowage.

iStow for All Types of Vessels

Starting from iStow for container ships, it can now be used for all types or types of vessels. iStow Container for container ships and general cargo, iStow Tanker for tanker ships with various cargoes (product oil, crude oil, LPG/LNG, etc.), iStow Ferry for Ferry/Ro-Ro ships and ships with LCT cargoes, iStow LPH or Loadplan Planner for Heavy Objects used for planning and loading heavy and large cargoes, iStow CHS or Cargo Handling Simulator for maritime education, and the latest is iStow Bulkcarrier specifically used for ships with bulk solid cargoes.

In addition, developments in technology and features are also being made. Starting from ship stability features, then added with ship longitudinal strength features (bending moment & shear forces), and now equipped with special features according to the type of vessel. BAPLIE and dangerous goods features for iStow Container, drag and drop features for iStow Ferry, grain stability features for iStow Bulkcarrier.

iStow Visualization

Visually, iStow currently provides users with ease in providing actual conditions about cargo and ship conditions from the planning and stowage loading processes that have been carried out. Visualization with 2D and 3D interfaces is expected to assist iStow users in optimizing every planning and loading process on ships. iStow also features Audio and visual alarms as the main reminders for iStow users to reduce the risk of potential human error.

iStow will continue to evolve to meet industry needs, satisfy users, and comply with all applicable regulations regarding cargo planning and stowage software. In the near future, iStow will launch its latest version, to provide full confidence to the global community about iStow development to date. And fully assure that iStow will always be the preferred software choice now and in the future.

What does the latest version of iStow look like?

“iStow fresh version soon to be launched.”