FastLoad is a versatile cargo stowage planning software specially designed to streamline the ship planning process and facilitate efficient cargoes data processing. FastLoad caters to route planners, container terminal professionals, maritime experts, and government agencies involved in ship planning and cargo information.

FastLoad is available in various vessel variants, such as containers, LCT, barges, ferry-RORO, and other vessel types.

FastLoad offers a range of advantages to enhance your experience:

  1. Customer service and 24-hour support: We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support to ensure your needs are met. Our team is available round-the-clock to address any inquiries or issues you may encounter.
  2. Available in Indonesian and English language: FastLoad supports this language, allowing users to navigate and utilize the software seamlessly in their preferred language.
  3. Cost-effective solution: FastLoad offers a cost-effective alternative to bulky, complex, and expensive container stowage planning software systems. Our software provides all the essential tools for effective stowage planning, reporting, documentation, and electronic data interchange at an affordable price.
  4. Dynamic fleet management: With FastLoad, you can easily manage ever-changing fleets of multiple ships, including vessels you may only encounter once. The software adapts to different ship scenarios, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in your planning operations.
  5. Customizable ship models: FastLoad empowers you to create ship models according to your specific requirements. This feature eliminates the need to rely on software manufacturers and saves you time, allowing for a personalized and efficient planning process.
  6. Seamless integration: FastLoad is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing in-house information system. It serves as an efficient ship planning and cargo data processing tool, enhancing workflow efficiency and improving data management.
iStow currently supports the mobile version (Android)

If you are seeking an economical, user-friendly solution for container stowage planning, reporting, and cargo data processing, look no further than FastLoad. Our software offers a seamless experience, backed by exceptional customer service and round-the-clock support. With FastLoad, you can enjoy the added convenience of English language support while maximizing cost-effectiveness.

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