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iStow Variants


iStow Tanker is a variant of iStow which is used to help planning ship loading process, especially on tankers.


iStow Container is a variant of iStow that brings increased productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of shipping operations.


iStow Ferry Ro-Ro is a variant of iStow for arrange vehicles and heavy equipment cargo on Ro-Ro deck and calculate the stability.

For Education

Variants of iStow used for training of manpower in the field of maritime transport.

iStow LPH, Loadout Jacket Offshore

iStow Loadout Planner for Large and Heavy Objects (LPH) assists a loadplanner to plan the loadout of large objects such as a crane, a bridge, and offshore platform.

Why iStow?


iStow meets both national and international industrial quality standards. iStow is certifified by National and International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) members.


Smooth operations are achieved establishing a synergy between iStow facilities and existing systems.

Short-Term Projects

Load-out and load-in operations of heavy-lift cargoes, projects equipments requiring a high precision of ship’s stability and strength calculations could be assisted effectively with iStow.


The client-server architecture enables users to deploy iStow in a network. A collaborative working environment enables executing stowage planning simultanenously from various locations through an internet network.

The iStow program has been highly beneficial for vessel stowage planning needs. Here are the feedback’s: One of the major benefits highlighted by the Chief Officers is the iStow program’s pre-plan functionality. It allows them to create stowage plans in advance, eliminating last-minute rushes and providing ample time for adjustments and optimizations…(read more)

Mary Ann Pastrana

President of Archipelago Philippines Ferry Corporation (APFC), Manila