iStow CHS

iStow Cargo Handling Simulator

Variants of iStow used for training of manpower in the field of maritime transport. The application is divided into two parts, namely iStow CHS for trainers and iStow CHS for trainees (students).

The main features that exist on iStow CHS trainer version is as follows:

  1. Designing training scenarios (baseline vessel, the status of damaged parts of the ship, the rules of assessment)
  2. Monitor the activities of the trainees (students) with respect to the results of the work done by each student.
  3. Controlling the activity of trainees.
  4. Conditioning the type of training (including simultaneous jobs or multiporting).

While the features that exist in iStow-CHS version trainees (students) are as follows:

  1. Interface to support the design stowage plan
  2. Calculating the stability of the ship automatically
  3. Working simultaneously
  4. Recording activity and roll back the work that has been done before.

iStow has been certified by the Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) and IACS Classes.

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