iStow expanding its market to the Philippines

27 October 2022

Philippines, with its vast maritime territory and 7,641 islands, considers maritime transportation as a crucial means of connectivity. This market potential has driven iStow to collaborate with companies in the Philippines. This includes partnerships with CRRM Maritime Consultancy Services, a maritime consultancy firm based in the Philippines, and Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation (APFC), one of the shipping companies in the Philippines.

The collaborations with these companies are expected to be a key driver in transforming the maritime industry in the Philippines and making a significant contribution to establishing iStow as a solution in the planning and stowage arrangement process on ships, which has been internationally certified.

With CRRM Maritime Consultancy Services being a longstanding player in the Philippine maritime industry and possessing a deep understanding of its dynamics, they make an ideal partner for iStow. The collaboration aims to integrate iStow’s solutions and innovations into maritime companies in the Philippines.

Illustration of collaboration between Indonesia (iStow) and Philippines (2023). Photo: Pranala Digital Transmaritim

Since September 2023, iStow has been utilized by one of the ferry companies in the Philippines, the Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation (APFC). This company has had a positive experience with iStow and has reported significant improvements in its vessel’s operational efficiency. iStow has assisted in managing vessel stability and cargo arrangement more efficiently, quickly, and safely. This provides a significant competitive advantage for APFC in the Philippine maritime industry.

The presence of iStow in the Philippines, supported by a strategic partnership with CRRM Maritime Consultancy Services and Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation (APFC), opens doors for the maritime industry in the Philippines to explore the digital era. In facing digital transformation, iStow can be a reliable solution and innovation for Philippine maritime companies.