Preparation of Ferry Transportation for the safety and comfort of travelers on Eid 2023

18 April 2023

Preparing Eid transportation will be a big job for all parties involved. Starting from the government to ship owners, they have a big responsibility to make the users of freight forwarding services feel safe and comfortable.

Ferries or passenger ships must receive more attention as a mode of crossing transportation which has a strategic role in seeking a sense of security and comfort for all its users. The government has made early preparations by seeking to carry out seaworthiness tests for passenger ships which are scheduled to be carried out from 8 February 2023 to 20 March 2023. The government expects all ships operating in Eid transportation to meet predetermined safety, security and comfort standards. If during the seaworthiness test inspection a major non-conformity is found, time will be given to fulfill the non-conformity no later than April 10, 2023. If the predetermined time limit has not been met, then the ship is prohibited from operating until the non-conformity/recommendation is fulfilled.

Proses Pemuatan Kendaraan Pada Kapal Ro-Ro (2018). Foto: Pranala Digital Transmaritim

The efforts made by the government must receive support from the ship operator. Technically the safety instruments on board have become mandatory matters that must be fulfilled. Fulfillment of ship safety instrument standards used by ships when operating will have a major impact on the safety and comfort of passengers. Loading software is one of the mandatory instruments on the ship, as a tool to arrange cargo and record cargo in real time.

The berthing time for the ferry is very short, around 30-40 minutes. This short time must be used to load and unload and prepare all technical and commercial documents for the ship. On ferries the preparation of ship stability documents is done after 2-5 minutes after the last vehicle is loaded. The complexity of ship stability calculations is almost impossible to solve in a very short time, especially if done manually. From there, the example of loading software takes on the role of doing jobs that are almost impossible for humans to do in a short time.

With today’s cheap and easy technology, it proves that all parties involved, from the government to ship operations, are able to provide a sense of security and comfort for ferry boat users, especially in crowded situations during Eid.

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