Handover of iStow KM. Kendhaga Nusantara 11

16 February 2022

The ships supporting the Sea Highway program are currently operating as planned. One of them is KM Kendhaga Nusantara 11 which is currently operated by PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (PELNI). KM Kendhaga Nusantara 11 has a capacity of 100 TEUs with a ship length (LOA) of 74 meters and serves the route Surabaya – East Nusa Tenggara VV.

On Wednesday, February 16, 2022, KM Kendhaga Nusantara 11 has officially used the iStow loading computer to support ship operations in planning and structuring cargo. The Intact Stability feature is the main feature of iStow Container Kendhaga Nusantara 11. Equipped with automatic calculations for stability and IMO Criteria, it is hoped that this iStow can help in summarizing the time for loading arrangements which are currently mostly done manually by ship crews. iStow can minimize human error when doing calculations manually, because iStow Container Kendhaga Nusantara 11 is equipped with visual alarms and audio alarms to indicate compliance with stability criteria that have been determined by IMO (International Maritime Organization).

Handover and training on using iStow (2022). Photo: Pranala Digital Transmaritim

iStow Container Kendhaga Nusantara 11 was received directly by the captain of the ship accompanied by a team from KNKT (National Committee for transportation safety) on board the ship KM Kendhaga Nusantara 11. Also given training to ship crews as iStow operators later. This handover was carried out when the ship docked at the Jamrud pier, Tanjung Perak Port.

The handing over of iStow is an effort to improve transportation safety. And as an effort to comply with the IACS UR S1 – rev 7 (May 2010) regulation which states “All classed sea-going ships of 65 meters in length and above must be equipped with a loading software”.