Introduce iStow to the International Market, iStow Container as the Main Attraction at TOC ASIA 2022

29 November 2022

To create an international market, especially in the Southeast Asia Region, iStow as the first and only loading computer in Indonesia participated in the international exhibition, TOC Asia, held on 29-30 November 2023 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Bona fide companies with various business backgrounds have been brought together in this prestigious event which has been running since 1995. Shipping companies, ports, Port Authorities, and Terminal operators are all brought together in one place at TOC Asia.

The event held for two days gave visitors insights about technology that can facilitate business operations and provide an overview of the involvement of technology in business development in the maritime sector, ports, terminals, and so on. Exhibitors from all over the world present the best and latest technologies that have been created. One of them is iStow, which brings digital technology to the process of planning and arranging cargo on board. iStow provides solutions to improve ship safety by planning and arranging cargo on board appropriately, effectively, and efficiently. With all iStow variants that have been made such as iStow Container, iStow tanker, iStow Bulkcarrier, iStow Ferrry Ro-Ro, iStow LPH and iStow CHS.

iStow at the TOC ASIA Event (2022). Photo: Pranala Digital Transmaritim

Because TOC Asia is an event that is dominated by the loading and unloading terminal sector and ports, iStow containers provide the main attraction for iStow booth visitors at this event. Visitors who came to the iStow booth with various curiosity immediately received answers from the iStow team about the iStow variant, facilities, and features of each iStow. Especially the features on the iStow container which meet international class loading computer standards, such as BAPLIE/EDIFACT exchanges, IMDG Codes, visual and audible alarms, as well as automatic calculation features for stability and longitudinal strength.

The iStow team hopes that by participating in iStow at the TOC Asia event, the general public will be more familiar with iStow products, especially in the Singapore region, where this event takes place. As one of the countries that has the status of having the busiest port in the world, Singapore will certainly be a potential target market for iStow. Bearing in mind that every ship carrying out the loading and unloading process is required to have a loading computer and will be monitored by the Port authority in Singapore, including container ships from Indonesia which have a route relationship to the Port of Singapore. iStow Container is already used by ships operating the Indonesia-Singapore route, one of which is a ship owned by PT Meratus Lines. It is hoped that this will further emphasize that the need for loading computers in the Southeast Asian Region, especially in Singapore is also very high.