To Get to the Industrial Era 4.0, You Should Try This Software

18 December 2020

Market openness and digital product needs in the industry 4.0 era, where most behaviors and actions are based on artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. Which means everything must be based on effective and efficient action. Digitalization system carried out in the industry 4.0 era will have a significant impact in every activity. Similarly, in the ship loading process, the process is considered very risky in determining the stability of the ship, the strength of the ship and the effectiveness of loading and unloading of the ship. By switching to industry 4.0, the ship loading process will be more assured of effectiveness and efficiency.

Introduction iStow V2.5 Loading Computer Software (2023). YouTube: Pranala Digital Transmaritim

iStow appears to meet the needs of the user in the ship loading process. With all the features and conveniences provided by iStow, it is no longer impossible if iStow also plays a role in building industry 4.0, especially in the field of marine transportation. The digitization field carried by iStow in the ship loading process makes iStow as the first and only shipload planning software owned by Indonesia that has been certified nationally and internationally.

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