iStow V2.5 officially released at INAMARINE 2023 exhibition

29 August 2023

On August 25, 2023, the peak of iStow launch took place as part of the INAMARINE 2023 Exhibition. Located at JIExpo Kemayoran, INAMARINE 2023 exhibition served as a pivotal moment in iStow journey. Through the Forum organized by the Praktisi Maritim Indonesia (Pramarin), iStow Version 2.5, which we dubbed as iStow Fresh Version, was officially released.

iStow Version 2.5 will be implemented on ships using iStow starting from August 2023. This version is nicknamed the Fresh Version due to its fresher and more modern appearance while still prioritizing user needs.

The released iStow Version 2.5, coinciding with the month of independence, boasts significant advantages over its predecessors. As conveyed by Mr. A. Zainial Abidin, the CEO of iStow, during the launch forum, iStow fresh version features advantages such as a newer architecture, simplified installation and maintenance processes for users, collaborative capabilities for simultaneous work with iStow, and a wider worksheet compared to its previous versions.

Peluncuran iStow V2.5 pada acara INAMARINE 2023

Launch of iStow V2.5 at the INAMARINE 2023 Event (2023). Photo: Pranala Digital Transmaritim

In the exhibition held on August 23-25, 2023, besides unveiling the latest product version, iStow also opened a booth facilitated by the Praktisi Maritim Indonesia (Pramarin). Visitors who were curious to know more about iStow in detail also visited the iStow booth. Introductions to the functions and benefits of iStow were always conveyed to booth visitors. Socialization about regulations, both nationally and internationally, was also conducted directly to visitors, with the hope that the public, especially exhibition visitors, could understand the importance of maritime safety from the perspective of cargo planning and arrangement.

Through the INAMARINE exhibition, this became a moment to socialize about the ongoing digitalization process in various sectors, and iStow is one of the tangible manifestations of the digitalization process in the maritime sector. Therefore, iStow version 2.5, launched on August 25, 2023, at the INAMARINE 2023 exhibition, is expected to be a product that provides many benefits in enhancing maritime safety and accelerating the digitalization process undertaken by shipping companies and other maritime sectors.