iStow is Ready for Operation in Eastern Indonesia Region

27 May 2022

As a ship operating in the Eastern Indonesia region, MV. Meratus Ultima 2 has officially become the first vessel to undergo iStow installation in the Eastern Indonesia region. The Amamapare Port located in Papua region serves as the installation location for iStow for the MV. Meratus Ultima 2 vessel. With its main features of Stability and Longitudinal strength, iStow is expected to provide convenience for users to carry out their operations in the Eastern Indonesia region.

iStow Meratus Ultima 2 is equipped with both 2D and 3D interface facilities capable of showing the real-time cargo position on the ship. This feature provides ease for iStow users in arranging their cargo on the ship. Additionally, the export-import data BAPLIE feature is also available in iStow Container Meratus Ultima 2, where BAPLIE data is one of the standard manifests widely used in international ports.

iStow siap digunakan untuk beroperasi di kawasan Indonesia Timur

MV. Meratus Ultima 2 (2022). Photo: Pranala Digital Transmaritim

In addition to container cargo, bulk cargo carried by MV. Meratus Ultima 2 can also be managed in terms of cargo planning through iStow. As a form of quality control, iStow can undergo testing of the results using the actual ship conditions during installation. This demonstrates that the stability and longitudinal strength calculations from iStow are accurate and reliable.

Alongside the installation process, training is also provided to the ship’s crew as a familiarization process with iStow features. This training is one of the forms of quality assurance by the iStow team to ensure that every iStow user can operate iStow effectively and optimally.

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