iStow from Indonesia, to the World: Driving innovation in the maritime industry

12 September 2023

Indonesia, with its vast coastline and abundant natural resources, has long been a major player in the global maritime industry. However, with this great potential also comes significant challenges in maintaining efficient and safe shipping operations. Today, we introduce iStow, an original Indonesian technological innovation that is transforming paradigms in our understanding and management of the maritime industry.

Why is Ship Stability So Important?

Before delving into the discussion about iStow, let’s understand why ship stability is crucial in this context. Ship stability is the ability of a vessel to remain balanced and controlled in various sea conditions. Lack of stability can result in serious accidents that adversely affect the crew, cargo, and marine environment.

iStow: Local Innovation for Global Challenges

iStow is software developed in Indonesia with the aim of addressing some of the biggest challenges in our maritime industry. The product is designed to optimize ship stability calculations and cargo loading planning efficiently and safely.

iStow from Indonesia, to the World (2023). Photo: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

How Does iStow Work?

iStow utilizes advanced technology in mathematical calculations and artificial intelligence to ensure that the ship remains stable in all situations. This involves not only calculating the weight of the cargo but also considering changes in cargo weight during the loading process.

Additionally, iStow has an early warning system that integrates visual and audio alarms to notify the ship’s crew of potential stability issues. This allows for quick and precise action when situations require intervention.

iStow Contribution to Indonesia and Beyond

iStow is concrete evidence that Indonesia has talent and great potential in producing beneficial technological innovations. Many shipping companies, ranging from small to large, in Indonesia have adopted iStow to improve their operational efficiency and ensure safety at sea.

Moreover, iStow has also penetrated the Filipino market, assisting maritime companies there in enhancing their operational standards. This strengthens iStow’s reputation as a sought-after advanced solution in the international maritime industry.

The maritime industry is the backbone of Indonesia’s economy. With innovations like iStow, we can ensure that we not only maintain our position on the global stage but also continue to grow and develop in the right direction. iStow from Indonesia, for the World, is a significant milestone in realizing this vision and will continue to be a valuable contribution to the global maritime world.

With iStow, Indonesia has shown the world that technological innovation knows no bounds. This product is tangible proof that developing countries like Indonesia can play an active role in shaping the future of the global maritime industry. By continually developing technologies like iStow, Indonesia is not only a major player in this industry but also a leader in creating innovative and sustainable solutions for future challenges. iStow is evidence that Indonesia is ready to face the future with vision, creativity, and remarkable technological capabilities.

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