iStow: An Innovative Solution Enhancing Maritime Safety at Safety4Sea Philippines Forum

23 October 2023

Today, we are proud to announce iStow’s presence at the upcoming Safety4Sea Philippines Forum. The event will take place tomorrow, from 09:00 to 17:00 local time, at the Luzon Ballroom of Sofitel Philippine. Representing iStow at this event is CRRM Maritime Consultancy Services, our official distributor in the Philippines. This forum serves as a vital platform where stakeholders in the maritime industry come together to share knowledge, experiences and the latest innovations to improve safety at sea.

iStow is committed to providing innovative solutions for shipping and logistics companies to enhance efficiency, productivity and most importantly safety at sea. Our presence at the Safety4Sea Philippines Forum is a unique opportunity to introduce our products and build relationships with key stakeholders in the region. We understand that maritime safety is of utmost importance and we are dedicated to providing solutions that allow maritime companies in the Philippines to meet safety standards efficiently without straining their budgets.

Safety4Sea Philippines Forum

Safety4Sea Philippines Forum (2019). Photo:

Why iStow is Important in the Maritime Industry?

The maritime industry is the backbone of global trade. Smooth operations in this sector are crucial but often face various challenges including the demand to ensure safety and compliance with stringent regulations. iStow aims to address these challenges by providing cutting-edge technology-based platforms to assist shipping companies in the Philippines and around the world.

To maintain the rapid growth of the maritime industry in the Philippines, innovations like iStow are essential. By offering solutions that bridge safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance, iStow helps keep the Philippine maritime industry on the right track and ready to face future challenges.

Contact CRRM Maritime Consultancy Services

We are delighted to invite all participants at the Safety4Sea Philippines Forum who wish to further discuss about iStow to contact CRRM Maritime Consultancy Services, our official partner in the Philippines. They will be more than happy to provide additional information and address all your questions.

To arrange meetings or further discussions, please reach out to PIC of CRRM Maritime Consultancy Services using their contact information provided below:

+639983216932/Capt. Rommel R. Manalo

We look forward to connecting with you at the Safety4Sea Philippines Forum and sharing insights on how iStow can help improve safety and efficiency in the maritime industry.

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