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Integrated iStow & Eco Assistant is installed on MT Sei Pakning.

8 Sept 2021
iStow has been successfully integrated with a trim optimization software Eco Assistant (EA), today. iStow integrated with EA has been installed on board MT Sei Pakning at SMI Shipyard in Cilegon. This integration marks another milestone of a stowage planning software which eyes the perspectives of fuel consumption.

In operations, a ship sails in fully, partly loaded or in ballast conditions. The ship is often in a trim condition. From the hydrodynamic perspectives, most ships have less resistance in a trim condition, meaning the ship consumes less fuel in that condition. EA, developed by DNV, seeks an optimum trim condition at which the ship consumes least fuel. How does it work?

The optimum trim data flows seamlessly into iStow, which executes the recommendation of EA. iStow helps the planner to arrange the stowage of cargoes and ballast water in such a way to achieve the recommended trim. The achieved trim is sent back to EA, to compute the final prediction of fuel