Electric Vehicles, Newcomer in the Congested Vehicle Traffic in Ferry Transportation

20 February 2024

The context of Eid transportation, which brings together inter-regional mobility and the need for safe and sustainable transportation, provides an opportunity for the role of electric cars in maritime transportation. We should consider how Eid transportation with electric cars on ferry boats can be a step towards more sustainable mobility.

Collaboration is the key, from the ticket purchasing process to vehicles arriving at their destination, involving many parties that must ensure safety and security. Therefore, many systems need to be prepared, such as ticket purchasing systems, vehicle queueing systems at ports, vehicle boarding systems onto the ferry, vehicle arrangement systems on the ferry, and systems for vehicles disembarking from the ferry upon arrival at the destination port. By adopting optimal strategies, we can create an environment that supports sustainable maritime transportation growth. Collaboration between the shipping industry, electric vehicle manufacturers, and the government is key to achieving this goal.

Ilustrasi penumpukan kendaraan (2024). Photo: Pranala Digital Transmaritim

Considering that the peak time of ferry service congestion during the Eid holiday rush is approaching, all parties involved in the system’s development must prepare and refine their plans starting from now. One thing that should receive serious consideration is the increasing use of electric cars in recent times. Electric cars, as newcomers in the transportation field, have not yet received enough attention to create safety and security systems when amidst high vehicle density.

All parties involved in the system, from ticket purchasing to vehicles arriving at the destination port, as well as vehicle owners, should be mindful. Since there are currently no absolute regulations for safety and security handling on ferry boats, operators and policymakers can take optimal anticipatory measures so that the preventive actions already taken can reduce the risk of ferry accidents.


In conclusion, transporting electric cars on ferry boats during Eid can be a sustainable solution to address mobility challenges during the holiday period. The crucial roles of the government, ferry operators, and the public in supporting the use of electric cars in maritime transportation will be key to its success. As availability and understanding of this technology increase, sustainable mobility through ferry boats may become a more popular choice, expected to bring positive impacts to the environment and society.

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