Inamarine is a prestigious event for industry players in the offshore and shipping sector. In addition to being attractive to maritime people, Inamarine is able to oversee the logistics industry players in Indonesia. Because the products offered require delivery services either by land, sea or air.

Exhibitors who participated in Inamarine came from within the country and abroad, so that visitors who came to see this exhibition also came from various countries either directly or through their representatives in Indonesia.

In addition to maritime industry players, Inamarine was also visited by several universities who sent groups of students with the aim of gaining insight into the maritime sector in the offshore and shipping sectors.

On this occasion, PT. Global Expo Management (GEM Indonesia) as the organizer of Inamarine also provides a place for participants and visitors to exchange ideas and the latest information through talk shows on representative stages provided at several points in the exhibition location. One of the speakers was Dr.-Ing. Setyo Nugroho is one of the founders of istow, a brand of stability instruments or stowage planning software made in Indonesia. istow was created from the research results of the Telematics Laboratory of Marine Transportation, Department of Marine Transportation Engineering at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), which has now become a commercial product.

Thus, through Inamarine, maritime people get their own insight, both from product consistency to continuous innovation.

Baki Lee as the person in charge of GEM Indonesia is also active in visiting exhibitors and discussing with Inamarine visitors to get the right perspective according to the views and experiences of all parties, where this will be used as a separate input for Inamarine to become better and useful for the actors maritime industry.

Inamarine yang rutin diselenggarakan setiap tahun ini berdampak positif kepada pertumbuhan ekonomi nasional, dimana kehadiran Inamarine menjadi barometer kebangkitan dunia usaha khususnya di sektor maritim bidang offshore dan perkapalan. Tentunya para pelaku industri maritim memiliki harapan besar untuk maju dan berkembang seiring dengan kemajuan teknologi dan kebutuhan pasar baik domestik maupun internasional.

Shipsapp Indonesia as GEM Indonesia’s media partner in the Indonesian maritime digital platform was also present at Inamarine. This adds to the festive color of Inamarine, because apart from being a means of digital maritime directory, Shipsapp Indonesia provides an opportunity for maritime industry players, especially offshore and shipping, to be able to appear digitally through the ShipsApp application which can be accessed from all over the world.