TRANSITS : Transport Simulation Software

This tool is a simulation tool to create scheduling plan in macro and micro, both delivery scheduling and fleet scheduling. This tool is a new concept in scheduling by combining the concept of simulation.

This tool is a tool taylor made to suit the conditions and needs of the business of the company, and is supported by the exchange of data in the network, either a LAN or the Internet. This tool is also available in a mobile device, allowing you to get real-time data, such data is the condition of the stockpile / warehouse. Anytime and anywhere.

Why transits Scheduler important to your business? Achieve productivity and efficiency through data consistency and speed! Transits Scheduler allows you to simulate future conditions in a variety of conditions that allow. Facilities such as statistical distributions and performance indicators allows you to create a plan that is very reliable operation of your business.

Transits Scheduler is also supported by the export and import of data into various formats.

iStow has been certified by the Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) and IACS Classes.

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