iStow Container 1000 TEUs

All ships with a length of more than 65 meters must use ship loading software. These safety rules have been enforced by the IMO internationally for all commercial vessels worldwide. This device ensures that all loading plans made by the Skipper or Mualim 1 are accurate, all calculations of the stability and strength of the ship are also accurate.

iStow Container for 1000 TEUs ships provides a solution to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of loading on board. The loading process to the ship is carried out in a very short time so it is very vulnerable to errors. But in fact the operator is required to complete the loading results report (technical report or manifest) in a short time.

The features of iStow Container 1000 TEUs can make it easier to load and minimize potential errors that will occur so as to speed up the loading planning process. One of them is baplie (Bayplan Including Empties) which is an electronic message exchange format that contains details and container positions on board. This feature is widely used by the world’s major marine transportation industries, both shipping and ports. In addition, iStow Container also has a Stacking Weight feature, this feature serves to know the maximum allowable weight limit on each stack in each row (row) in each bay.

The SAFE and RELIABLE concept carried by iStow is realized in its features. Given the continuity of the business is always the main consideration in operating the ship and accurate information is a real form for it. Port authorities, syahbandar, ship operators, shippers and insurance certainly need this security and reliability.

So, who ensures all the accuracy of the calculation? The quality management system in the shipping industry is very well established. The classification bureau certified this software. It is the classification bureau, as an independent institution, which ensures all calculations have high accuracy, in accordance with the rules of the IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) as an organization that has a worldwide classification body.