Fastload: Streamlining the Cargo Loading and Unloading Process at Ports

Loading and unloading ports are key infrastructure in the global supply chain, enabling the movement of goods from ship to ship, from ship to truck, and from ship to train. Loading and unloading ports are the backbone of global trade and the world economy. They serve as gateways for the flow of goods between countries and support the global supply chain.

In the loading and unloading process, integration between elements becomes crucial, both between the ship and storage areas and vice versa. Given the importance of alignment in the loading process between the ship and the unloading process. Alongside the largest Technology Innovation Exhibition in Indonesia, TENNOVEX 2023, held on November 2-4, 2023, at the Grand City Mall Surabaya Atrium, PT. Pranala Digital Transmaritim officially launched one software tool for planning during the loading and unloading of ships. The software is expected to have an impact on improving ease and safety during the loading and unloading process. This software tool is called FASTLOAD.

Fastload integration with other system environment diagram

Fastload Integration Diagram. Photo: Pranala Digital Transmaritim

Relationship Between FastLoad and iStow

FastLoad is software for cargo planning and stowage system designed specifically for ship planning processes and facilitates cargo data processing during the loading-unloading process. FastLoad is available in various ship variants such as Container, LCT, Barge, Ferry-Roro, and other ship types. FastLoad is one of the results of system integration development with the iStow loading computer. Thus, it can be ensured that integration of cargo planning processes can be carried out between iStow and FastLoad, starting from the loading process, stowage process on the ship, to the unloading process.

Launch of the New iStow 2.5 Version at TENNOVEX 2023. YouTube: Pranala Digital Transmaritim

Scheme in the illustration above explains the systematic relationship between the ship planner system and loading software. The role of the ship planner system is performed by Fastload, and the role of loading software is carried out by iStow.

Detailed process is as follows: cargo data obtained will be input into FastLoad to create a bay plan, adjusted until obtaining the actual bay plan data ready to be handed over to loading operations and the ship’s crew. From the actual bay plan results from the ship planner, the ship’s crew will plan and arrange, taking into account the stability and longitudinal strength of the ship, using iStow. The result from iStow is an actual stowage plan created by the ship’s crew. This result will be sent to the ship planner for confirmation and then provided to the loading operation. Loading operations will carry out the loading and unloading process to and from the ship based on the actual stowage data.

From FastLoad, attachments will provide manifest data and bay plan data used as references in the loading and unloading process, just like in iStow. This shows that the integration between the ship planner system performed by FastLoad and the loading software using iStow will build an efficient system in the loading and unloading process.

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