APFC's Chairwoman Mrs. Mary Ann Pastrana Introduces iStow at Prestigious Forum

13 March 2024

On February 29, 2024, a significant event for maritime innovation occurred in the Philippine.

The MARITIME SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FORUM 2024. Jointly organized by Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), overseeing maritime activities in the Philippines, and Department of Science and Technology (DOST), leading the country’s science and technology initiatives, the event convened at the Midas Hotel in Pasay, attracting attention from various sectors within the maritime industry.

The forum served as a pivotal gathering for stakeholders involved in Philippines maritime industry, including government officials, shipbuilders, and academia. Among the highlights of the event was the presentation by Chairwoman Mrs Mary Ann Pastrana from the Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation (APFC), who introduced iStow, an innovative tool designed to revolutionize cargo management and stowage on vessels.

Mrs. Mary Ann Pastrana Introduces iStow at Prestigious Forum

Mrs. Mary Ann Pastrana Introduces iStow at Prestigious Forum (2024). Photo: Mr. Rey C. Eustaquio

iStow aims to tackle critical challenges in maritime industry, such as maximizing cargo space, ensuring safety and streamlining vessel preparation processes. Chairwoman Mrs Mary Ann Pastrana’s presentation captivated attendees, highlighting the potential of iStow to drive significant improvements in maritime operations.

Mrs Mary Ann Pastrana introduced iStow at the forum not only because she wanted APFC to experience the benefits and positive results of iStow but also because she aimed for all stakeholders in the Philippines to enjoy the same benefits. This was in support of the maritime modernization efforts outlined by their government.

APFC has been use iStow since 2023 on one of their vessels, MV Fastcat 19. The positive impact of iStow on APFC has been notable, including achieving maximum loading efficiency, faster loading and unloading processes, simplified reporting with iStow’s built-in templates, enhanced vessel safety through iStow’s stability calculation feature and effective revenue management through iStow’s reporting capabilities.

The significance of the forum is evident in its role as a collaborative platform, bringing together diverse stakeholders to discuss the future of maritime technology. The participation of major maritime organizations and educational institutions underscores the importance of collective efforts in advancing the industry.

The MARITIME SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FORUM 2024 went beyond being just a conference, it served as a guiding light for the future of maritime operations, showcasing innovative solutions like iStow that can lead to safer, more efficient, and sustainable maritime practices. Through collaboration and innovation, the forum paved the way toward a brighter maritime future.

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