iStow participated in the 2022 INAMARINE International Exhibition which was held at the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) Kemayoran, Jakarta.

21 October 2022

The INAMARINE 2022 exhibition is an international exhibition held in Indonesia. In 2022, INAMARINE will be held from 19 to 21 October 2022 at the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) Kemayoran, Jakarta. The exhibition which was attended by more than 200 exhibitors from outside and within the country showcased the products and services of the exhibitors related to the maritime sector, such as shipbuilding, ship repair, ship technology and offshore construction. From this exhibition, it is expected that exhibitors can provide solutions and benefits from their products and services for the maritime sector.

PT Pranala Digital Transmaritim with the product Stowage Planning Software “iStow” who is a member of PRAMARIN (Indonesian Maritime Practitioner Association) participated in the INAMARINE 2022 event with four other companies from 250 PRAMARIN members, participated in the exhibition aimed at disseminating product/service information—as well as improving global market branding through INAMARINE expo organized by GEM Indonesia.

At this exhibition, iStow displays its latest products and features that are displayed using Android, so that visitors can easily try to operate iStow via an Android tablet. Visitors can try all iStow variants, such as iStow Container, iStow Tanker, iStow Ferry/ Ro-Ro. With the main features of iStow such as automatic calculations for intact stability, damage stability and longitudinal strength as well as special features for each iStow variant such as EDOFACT/ BAPLIE and Dangerous goods for iStow Container, Loading sequences and tank templates on iStow Tanker, Drag & Drop operation and Manifest report on iStow Ferry/Ro-Ro, Load sequence and ballast deballast system on iStow LPH, Loading sequence and grain stability on iStow Bulkcarrier, as well as features of iStow Trainer and iStow Trainee for iStow LPH.

On the third day of the INAMARIN 2022 exhibition on October 21, 2022, Dr-Ing. Setyo Nugroho as the Founder of iStow gave a seminar that could be attended by all exhibition visitors. In his seminar entitled “MODERNIZATION OF LOADING OPERATION AS A BRIDGE TOWARDS DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN SHIPPING INDUSTRY” he conveyed the importance of digital transformation in supporting the cargo operation process as the weakest point in the shipping industry. And iStow as one of the solutions offered to support the digital transformation process in the Shipping industry.