Friday, 10 March 2023
iStow Supports Online Sailing Approval Letters (SPB).

The safety of Indonesian shipping must receive more attention. All parties who play a role in improving shipping safety should carry out the regulations that have been made, both international regulations and national regulations.

International regulations regarding ship safety have been issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and Indonesia has ratified IMO regulations regarding Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and Maritime Pollution (MARPOL). Minister of Transportation Regulation Number 44 of 2021 concerning Ship Stability has outlined in detail the stability calculations that must be met by all ships. The portrait of compliance with national and international ship operating regulations is actually not as good as expected.

In the current era where information technology is increasingly sophisticated and easily accessible, compliance with regulations is no longer a difficult thing, it should be. The form of convenience provided is the issuance of Minister of Transportation Regulation number 154 of 2015 concerning online port approval letter services. This regulation is a form of government implementation to improve effective, efficient and transparent services for port master approval letters to business actors.

Sailing Approval Letter (SPB) online is a state document issued by Syahbandar in the form of an electronic document to each ship intending to sail. All parties related to this system must pay attention to every process at the port so that it can run effectively and efficiently.

The ferry/roro loading process takes around 15-20 minutes. After the last vehicle entered, in just 2-5 minutes, the ship immediately closed the rampdoor and set sail. This very short process made it impossible for the ship’s crew to prepare ship stability and strength calculations as well as prepare clearance documents properly.

iStow is the answer when every process in the port is required to run effectively and efficiently. Starting from the process of handling cargo on board to the preparation of clearance documents, it can be done quickly and in real time with the accuracy of iStow calculations guaranteed by national and international classifications.

iStow, as a loading computer from Indonesia, is ready to support the government’s online SPB program

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