TRANSITS : Transport Simulation Software

This tool is a simulation tool to create scheduling plan in macro and micro, both delivery scheduling and fleet scheduling. This tool is a new concept in scheduling by combining the concept of simulation.

This tool is a tool taylor made to suit the conditions and needs of the business of the company, and is supported by the exchange of data in the network, either a LAN or the Internet. This tool is also available in a mobile device, allowing you to get real-time data, such data is the condition of the stockpile / warehouse. Anytime and anywhere.

Why transits Scheduler important to your business? Achieve productivity and efficiency through data consistency and speed! Transits Scheduler allows you to simulate future conditions in a variety of conditions that allow. Facilities such as statistical distributions and performance indicators allows you to create a plan that is very reliable operation of your business.

Transits Scheduler is also supported by the export and import of data into various formats.

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