iStow meets both national and international industrial quality standards. iStow is certifified by National and International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) members, such as:

  • Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia/ BKI (2017)
  • Nippon Kaiji Kyokai/ ClassNK (2018)
  • Regsitro Italiano Navale/ RINA (ongoing)
  • Indian Register of Shipping/ IRS (ongoing)
  • Lloyd’s Register/ LR (scheduled 2019)


Smooth operations are achieved establishing a synergy between iStow facilities and existing systems. Modules of iStow could be modified and built following the requirement of the industry, such as:

  • Standard documents for clearance in-out of ship with appropriate company logos and persons in charge
  • Ullage reports
  • Manifest
  • Loading list and freight income


Load-out and load-in operations of heavy-lift cargoes, projects equipments requiring a high precision of ship’s stability and strength calculations could be assisted effectively with iStow.

  • Barges and LCT are often deployed to carry heavy lift cargoes, such as jack-up and offhore structures, storage tanks or bridges.
  • Specific preparation of load-out operation planning can effectively be assisted with iStow.


The client-server architecture enables users to deploy iStow in a network. A collaborative working environment enables executing stowage planning simultanenously from various locations through an internet network.

  • A planning process on board a ship or at the site at port of loading can be monitored by operations depattment at the office, and can be supervised by verification bodies or surveying companies elsewhere.
  • Due to various reasons, the damage of a computer on board a ship, the stowage planning and loading operations must continue without any delay. An assistance from ashore using iStow enables delivering of a stowage plan, stability & strength calculations, and standard in time, to maintain smooth opeations without delay.